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Travel 4 Pack

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Bedbugs have become a nuisance for hotels, dorms, hospitals, movie theaters, libraries, and other public places. Bedbugs are easy to transport from hotel rooms to your home. They travel on your clothes and in your luggage. They are very hard to detect and a nuisance to get rid of.

This Travel Pack includes four custom formulated ready-to-use BuggyBeds® bedbug monitors plus a BONUS customized velvet water resistant pouch to conveniently store your BuggyBeds® monitors when not in use! You can carry this Travel Pack with you anywhere you go.

BuggyBeds® specialized non-toxic, pesticide free formula and design is intended to lure bedbugs & other insects into the trap for detection! BuggyBeds® monitors allows you to detect if you are carrying bedbugs home from your travels. Bedbugs are the ultimate Fabric Hitchhiker™ and can easily hitch a ride without your knowledge.

How to use

While on travel, upon arrival in your hotel, immediately place your BuggyBeds® monitors between the hotel mattress and box spring or on the top of the mattress. Upon checkout, place your BuggyBeds® traps in your luggage before closing to monitor for any bedbugs. If one or more bugs are detected, we recommend that you contact the proper authorities for further evaluation. BuggyBeds® monitors are small and discreet (2" X 3") and can detect up to six months. They are not intended to be used in temperatures above 140°.

For all Gateway 1 travelers you will receive a FREE BuggyBeds® luggage tag with your purchase of a 4 Pack Travel.

Now you can be sure your vacation is worry-free and only take home the memories!

Where to use

Hotels, Luggage, Cruises, Public Library, Trains, Buses, Nursing Homes, Hospitals or just about anywhere you travel!