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Child 4 Pack

Child 4 Pack

Sleep with ease knowing that your child's room is being monitored with the new BuggyBeds® detection glue trap! Early detection is key to potentially saving you thousands of dollars from an infestation in your home.

This Child Pack includes four custom formulated ready-to-use BuggyBeds® monitors that can place between the box spring and mattress in your child's crib or bed. If there is no box spring, place BuggyBeds® monitors under the mattress. BuggyBeds® specialized formula and design is intended to lure bedbugs & other insects into the trap for detection! For continuous detection, use the monitors to detect bedbugs before & after professional extermination to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment while providing peace of mind. Keep out of the reach of children.

If one or more bugs are detected, we recommend that you call a professional exterminator for further evaluation. BuggyBeds® monitors are small and discreet (2" X 3") and can detect up to six months. Placing these monitors under your mattress and around your home will provide you with around-the-clock peace of mind.

Where to use…

Crib, Child’s Bedroom, Playrooms, Drawers, Closets, Baseboards, Picture Frames, Headboards & more! Thin double stick tape or Velcro (not included) can be applied to the back of the monitors to use behind headboards, picture frames or just about anywhere!

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Child 4 Pack Child 4 Pack Child 4 Pack Child 4 Pack
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