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Pet 2 Pack

$8.99 $6.99

Give yourself peace of mind with the all new BuggyBeds® Flea & Tick early detection glue traps.  Rest assured knowing that your pets are protected from fleas, ticks, and other unwanted pests.

Detect fleas, ticks, and more before they bite your pets.  This Pet Pack includes two custom formulated ready-to-use BuggyBeds® monitors that can be placed under pet beds, area rugs, couch cushions, around your pets’ food and water bowls, attached to the side of litter boxes (using optional double sided tape or Velcro), and more.  BuggyBeds® specialized non-toxic, pesticide free formula and design is intended to attract and trap fleas, ticks, and other insects into the trap for detection!  For continuous detection, use the monitors to detect bugs before & after treatment to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment while providing peace of mind.

A simple visual check periodically of your BuggyBeds® monitors will allow you to detect if your pets have fleas, ticks, and many more types of bugs.  If one or more bugs are detected, we recommend that you call a professional exterminator for treatment and take your pet to the vet for further evaluation.  BuggyBeds® monitors are small and discreet (2” X 3”) and can detect up to six months.  Placing these monitors under pet beds, area rugs, couch cushions, around your pets’ food and water bowls, on litter boxes, and many more locations will provide you with around-the-clock peace of mind.

There’s no better way to show your pet that you care for them!!

Where to use…

Underneath and inside dog beds, cat beds, around food and water bowls, under couch cushions, on the outside of litter boxes (using double sided tape or Velcro), and anywhere else your animals stay for extended periods of time.