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Travel Pillow Encasement

$9.99 $7.99
Individual Packs

You don't have to be afraid to travel anymore!

Protect your home and family and don't bring bed bugs home with you.  Bedbugs have become a special nuisance for hotels, dorms, hospitals, movie theaters, libraries, and other public places. Bedbugs are easy to transport from hotel rooms to your home. They travel on your clothes and in your luggage. They are very hard to detect and a nuisance to get rid of. 

Whether traveling and staying in a hotel or at home, protect your bedroom with BuggyBeds® full suite of breathable pillow protection encasement. 


Bed Bug Proof

Water Proof

Allergen Proof

Dust Mite Proof

Stain Protection

Pet Dander Protection

Standard Size:  20" x 26" (51cm x 66cm)