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Auto 2 Pack

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Bedbugs are the ultimate Fabric Hitchhiker™ and can easily hitch a ride anywhere you go, such as movie theaters, libraries, or any public place. They can travel on your clothes or belongings and are very hard to detect.

This Auto Pack includes two custom formulated ready-to-use BuggyBeds® monitors and has a vanilla scent to odorize your vehicle. BuggyBeds® specialized non-toxic, pesticide free formula and design is intended to lure bedbugs & other insects into the trap for detection purposes!  Using your Auto BuggyBeds® monitors can help you detect if you or anyone in your vehicle is transporting bedbugs.

If one or more bugs are detected, we recommend that you call a professional exterminator for further evaluation. BuggyBeds® monitors are small and discreet (2" X 3") and can detect up to six months. Placing these monitors under the rear floor mats or in your trunk will provide you with around-the-clock peace of mind. BuggyBeds® Auto Pack monitors are not to be used in, on or under the front seat or floor mats of the driver's side of a vehicle to ensure that the trap does not become lodged under the foot pedals.

Where to use…

Cars, Boats, RV's & more!  Thin double stick tape or Velcro (not included) can be applied to the back of the monitors.