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Eucalyptus Pillow Encasement

Bed Bug

Protect your sleeping system now with the brand new BuggyBeds® Protect & Detect® Eucalyptus Pillow Encasement and Bed Bug Glue Trap!


To protect your family from bedbugs and harmful allergens you need a BuggyBeds® Protect ‘n Detect® Mattress Encasement!

Sleep with peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones will be protected from unwanted pests.

Eucalyptus Pillow Encasement

With BuggyBeds® Eucalyptus Pillow Protector you will sleep soundly knowing that your pillow is zipper encased and no bedbugs will penetrate and ruin your sleep system. It is made of plant based fabric which gives this encasement exceptional capacity for thermal regulation and moisture absorption that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is also soft to skin and smooth to touch. BuggyBeds® pillow protector has a multilayered membrane system that enables complete comfort and protection against bedbugs biting through. It is excellent for families with indoor allergies such as pet dander and dust mites. Also protects your mattress against spill and stains. 

It's peace of mind that your whole family is both protected and comfortable with this lightweight and simple to wash encasement. 

* Lifetime Warranty for the product constructions of the encasement only; does not include normal wear and tear.


Allergy Protection

Stain and Spill Moisture Protection

Bed Bug Protection

Dust Mite Protection

Pet Dander Protection

Temperature Balancing

Standard/Queen Size:  20in x 28in (51cm x 71cm)

King Size: 20in x 36in (51cm x 91cm)