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Protect 'N Detect Combo Pack Twin XL

Protect 'N Detect Combo Pack Twin XL

Protect your student’s dorm room now with the brand new BuggyBeds® Protect & Detect Dorm Combo Pack!

Sleep with peace of mind knowing your student will not bring unwanted roommates back home from college!  The dorm combo pack includes four specially formulated ready-to-use BuggyBeds® monitors and one ProtectEase™ Premium Mattress Protector, PLUS a free pillow case protector.  This Twin XL combo pack will give your student maximum protection from bedbugs in their dorm room while they sleep comfortably!

Early detection is critical in identifying a bedbug problem and key to your student not getting bite!   A simple visual inspection of your BuggyBeds® monitors will allow your student to detect bedbugs early.  BuggyBeds® monitors are small and discreet, crush proof, non-toxic, pesticide free, and can detect for up to six months. 

ProtectEase™ Premium Mattress and Pillow  Protector protects against bedbugs biting through the fabric, dust mite allergens, pollen, spills, and stains while providing comfort.  The zipper is also bedbug proof when fully zipped closed. 

Where to use…

BuggyBeds® monitors:  BuggyBeds® monitors can be used at each corner of the bed between the mattress and frame.  Thin double stick tape or Velcro (not included) can be applied to the back of the monitors to hold them in place!

ProtectEase™ Premium Brand Mattress Protector:  The ProtectEase™ Premium Twin XL Mattress Protector is specially designed to fit a college dorm mattress. Note: Two people are recommended for installation.

Protect 'N Detect Combo Pack Twin XL Protect 'N Detect Combo Pack Twin XL Protect 'N Detect Combo Pack Twin XL
$49.99 SALE $39.99 Protect 'N Detect Combo Pack Twin XL