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Bamboo Copper Infused Mattress Encasement and Bed Bug Glue Trap

Bed Bug

Protect your sleeping system now with the brand new BuggyBeds® Protect & Detect® Bamboo Copper Infused Mattress Encasement and Bed Bug Glue Trap!


You need more than a mattress pad to protect your family from bedbugs and harmful allergens. You need a BuggyBeds® Protect ‘n Detect® Mattress Encasement!

Sleep with peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones will be protected from unwanted pests.


Bamboo Copper Infused Mattress Encasement

With BuggyBeds® Bamboo Copper infused Mattress Protector you will sleep soundly knowing that your entire mattress is zipper encased and no bedbugs will penetrate and ruin your sleep system. It is made with original viscose made from bamboo fabric. It retains bamboo benefits and gains added properties. It outperforms in terms of absorbency, hypo- allergenicity, infused cool dry technology. Copper is known to to help relieve pain and anxiety and has been used throughout history as an effective, natural tool to repel parasites. It also promotes blood vessel development and rejuvenates the skin by synthesizing collagen and elastin. Bamboo is environmentally friendly as it grows faster and uses less irrigation than cotton and releases 1/3 more oxygen than tress of the same size. BuggyBeds mattress protector has a multilayered membrane system that enables complete comfort and protection against bedbugs biting through. It is excellent for families with indoor allergies such as pet dander and dust mites. Also protects your mattress against spill and stains. 

It's peace of mind that your whole family is both protected and comfortable as well as gaining the added benefits of Bamboo infused with Copper.

* Lifetime Warranty for the product constructions of the encasement only; does not include normal wear and tear.


Bed Bug Glue Trap

BuggyBeds® Bed Bug Glue Trap attracts and traps bed bugs with up to 6 months of detection. They give you peace of mind with around the clock monitoring. Bed Bug Glue traps are non-toxic and pesticide free. For maximum detection we recommend 4 traps that easily slide into the built-in trap straps located at each corner of the encasement under the mattress. Additional traps may be purchased separately.


Protect ‘n Detect® Combo includes: 1 Mattress encasement, 1 BuggyBeds® Glue trap