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Read what our satisfied client’s are saying about BuggyBeds

Jacob Schwartz - San Francisco, CA

My mom kept checking all my stuff when I would get back from college since a few of my friends in my dorm hallway had bed bug problems. So I put BuggyBeds traps under my mattress and futon in my dorm room only a week ago, and I already had a bug in one of the traps. I recommended the guys on my floor to buy these traps as well. Thanks BuggyBeds.

Ralph Stroli - Stafford, VA

Commuting daily on the bus to work worries my wife that I will bring bed bugs home. She no longer worries since I use your company's BuggyBeds travel pack everyday on the train. I love setting them right next to me so the bugs are lured into the trap and not onto me! The traps have detected at least a few bugs a week and protected me from getting bitten and bringing them home and cause an infestation! My wife loves that I go to work with BuggyBeds.

Lee Chow - St. Cloud, MO

I decided to buy the value pack since I have a 2 bedroom apt. Buggybeds is now protecting my mattresses as well as my couch. I even bought a few extra packs and gave them out to my family for holiday presents because I want to protect them from getting bitten!

Donna Bermanski - Brooklyn, NY

Wow, I was shocked to find a bed bug in my BuggyBeds trap in my daughter's crib. I never imagined I would have bed bugs, let alone in my child's crib! After this incident I would rather feel safe then sorry so I bought BuggyBeds for every room in my house.

Debbie Cappella - Detroit, MI

After we had a professional exterminator for my bedroom that was infested with bed bugs, he suggested that we buy BuggyBeds to monitor for bed bugs before we developed another infestation. I could not believe ONLY a week after the extermination, we had a bed bug in one of our traps. We immediately called the exterminator back. BuggyBeds saved us thousands of dollars by detecting a bug before we had another infestation again! I now use BuggyBeds trap everywhere my family goes so we can detect if we bring them home!

Shandra Jones - Bronx, NY

Travelling back home from a popular four star hotel, I put my BuggyBeds trap in my suitcase. To my amazement I found two bedbugs in the trap when I arrived home only a few hours later. I am never traveling without my BuggyBeds travel pack again!! Your trap have saved me from contaminating my house with bed bugs and I have decided to bring your traps with me to the movies as well. Thank you for including the free travel pouch! If I had a car I would even buy your auto pack!

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