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FACT: BedBugs are the ultimate Hitchhiker!

Don't take these Fabric Hitchhiker home  with you!

Watch Ben the Bedbug in action, hitchhiking his way on unknowing suspects on their way to work, the doctor’s office, home or just about anywhere! This could be YOU! Protect yourself with BuggyBeds®!

BuggyBeds® FAQs

The Home pack, Child pack, Dorm pack, and Value pack all contain the same BuggyBeds® traps, just different packaging. The BuggyBeds® Travel pack traps come with a free water resistant black velvet carrying pouch and the traps are formulated to withstand higher temperatures during travel, such as when being stowed in an airplane. The BuggyBeds® Auto pack traps are slightly scented with a pleasant vanilla scent.
There are many variables which control the ultimate outcome of a bed bug entering the trap. First and foremost, it is very important that the trap is properly placed in one or more of the locations we recommend. Also, the hungrier the bed bug the more likely he will be lured into the trap and detected. It is the same concept as placing a mouse trap down and waiting. If the mouse has recently eaten, the time will vary before it is lured towards the cheese in the trap as it must first digest its last meal. A bedbug takes 5–7 days to digest its meal. Initially, place the trap and check within 7–14 days and then check weekly.
Our specialized glue formula lures bedbugs into the trap for detection purposes. Once trapped, the bug will get stuck in the glue and eventually die.
BuggyBeds® traps are to be used in every area of your life, to continuously detect if you are carrying bedbugs, ants or any other insects, or have bedbugs in your home, automobile, truck, boat, hotel room, movie theater and more. Please read our How It Works page to learn more about where and how to use BuggyBeds® glue traps.
Our BuggyBeds® traps are simply a tool that can be used in an effort to monitor for bedbug activity. Bedbugs are an extremely difficult pest to manage and identify. The monitors will not detect bedbugs 100% of the time and it's entirely possible that bedbugs may be present in a location but no bedbugs have been found in the monitors as there are many variables that affects this result.
If you detect a bedbug in the trap, we recommend following up with a professional exterminator or reporting this finding to the proper authorities. We recommend that you replace the trap for continuous monitoring and detection, even AFTER an infestation.
After a bed bug or other insect is found or after six months of use.
No, BuggyBeds® are non toxic and pesticide free.
BuggyBeds® sole intention is to assist in detecting bedbugs or other insects. BuggyBeds® glue traps are not intended to prevent, destroy, repel, or mitigate, a pest.

Customer Service FAQs

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Bedbug FAQs

Bedbugs are small insects that are considered parasites since their food source is solely derived from feeding on warm blooded animals. The most common found species is the Cimex lectularius.
An adult bedbug is usually a brownish red color and paper thin in appearance. Their total size is usually 4-7 mm at maturity, while babies which are called nymphs, are around 1.5 mm.
A bedbug bite can happen within 5 minutes while you are sleeping. Bites are usually not felt until several hours after the bug has already attacked. The bites create lesions on your skin (similar to a mosquito bite) due to an allergic reaction to the bug's saliva. It is not uncommon to confuse a bedbug bite with a typical spider bite or poison ivy at first. Early detection can save your skin from painful bites and non-stop itching.
It takes about 5 weeks total for a bedbug to reach full maturity.
Female bedbugs can lay multiple eggs per day and over several hundred during their lifetime. This is why early detection is so crucial in helping to contain an outbreak.
BuggyBeds® is a patented bedbug detection system that will never interfere with your lifestyle and bring you peace of mind everywhere you go!
The most obvious place an infestation can be found is on your bed. Bedbugs hide in the seams, along the edges, underneath your bed, in the boxspring, headboard and frame. Bedbugs can thrive in many other places besides your bed such as the dressers, nightstands, chairs and couches. They can also be found in your carpeting especially along the edges, cracks in wooden floors and moldings, behind wallpaper, inside closets, inside many electronics, and anything that generally has cracks and crevices. They will travel up to several hundred feet to feed.
There are many different ways your home and life can become infested with bedbugs. Bedbugs are very adept at traveling through clothes, luggage, automobiles, and anything that has fabric on it. Infestations can also occur by bringing infested items into your household such as mattresses, furniture, laundry, dry cleaned clothes, etc. Moving into a new home or apartment, hotel or motel that seems "clean" can also create an infestation. Bedbugs are able to lay dorment for many months without feeding and therefore can be "waiting in the walls" for new hosts.