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Luggage Liner

$14.99 $12.99
Individual Packs

You don't have to be afraid to travel anymore!

Protect your home and family and don't bring bed bugs home with you.

Bedbugs have become a special nuisance for hotels, dorms, hospitals, movie theaters, libraries, and other public places. Bedbugs are easy to transport from hotel rooms to your home. They travel on your clothes and in your luggage. They are very hard to detect and a nuisance to get rid of.

The BuggyBeds® Bed Bug Luggage Liner is made of a bed bug proof fabric with a specially designed zipper which prevents bed bugs from penetrating the liner. It is effective against allergens and dust mites, as well as waterproof and protects against stains. The liner fits securely inside your carry on for suitcases up to 22' x 15" x 10."

Now you can be sure your vacation is worry-free and only take home the memories!